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  • Ben, with his remarkable attention to detail, cherishes not only the date of their meeting but also the exact coordinates of their first encounter.

  • He shared these precious details with us, and we meticulously engraved them to commemorate their special bond.

Can you recall the place where you, like Ben, fell in love?

Illuminate your love story and delight your loved one with our night light.

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  • Archie's mom aims to brighten his bedtime with a special touch. A customizable night light becomes her choice, casting a glow of joy and comfort for Archie every night.

  • The little one's name gently shimmers in the night, providing ample light for a peaceful night's sleep without being too bright to awaken the kids.

Put smiles on the faces of your loved ones.

Discover more details on our product page.

Send a warm message to your loved ones, regardless of age, occasion, or gender. Everyone finds joy here.

Experience their excitement effortlessly. Simply visit our product page, select your preferred design, personalize it with their name, and even upload a unique design if you have one in mind. So, let us bring joy to both of you!

Extended Illumination Time:

With just 5 hours of charging, the night light can provide over 16 hours of enchanting light on a single battery charge.

Upcoming Light Bars

In 2024, we're excited to introduce two distinct light bars. The first boasts a unique wooden structure with a single LED strip, followed by another variant featuring three mesmerizing LED strips. These lights can be effortlessly controlled through our custom-made mobile app, bringing an abundance of joy, energy, and happiness to your life. We'll kickstart our journey with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo before making them available on other platforms and our website. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates.